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Strategy for synergy - MDF
Strategy for synergy

The whole strategy for further development of MDF is based on the philosophic pyramid presented below. The aim of this pyramid is to illustrate the intention and business world outlook of MDF as a complex of institutions providing both financial and non-financial services to its customers by having a vision to become a leading microenterprise development institution in Armenia.


Selection of business-oriented partner

To effectively realize its mission and efficiently achieve its vision MDF realizes that further development and expansion is realistic in case if MDF collaborates with business-focused customers.

On the top of the pyramid, i.e. in the center of MDF’s strategy, stands the ideology that the business is to be run in a way, which leads to creation of competitive advantages in the communities. In other words, MDF will realize its strategy, which is oriented to community, rather than separate person. MDF believes that in this way its mission will be realized in a better way.

In terms of the subject strategy all customers of MDF (and the customers of KAMURJ, as well) are considered as partners.

Selection of product-oriented donor

Effective collaboration with donor companies (both local and international) is in the center of MDF’s attention. Within this strategy MDF streams to establish strong relationship with the existing donors, and to attract new donors, as well.

Community is the main beneficiary instead of a separate person.

The second layer of the philosophic pyramid states that the attention of MDF’s strategy is focused on the community as a main stakeholder rather than a separate person as a customer. This means MDF intends to encourage the establishment of cooperatives in different regions of Armenia and to collaborate to those cooperatives by providing financial and non-financial services. Those cooperatives will consist of different farmers / households located within the same region.

Apart from the business intention the subject strategy has a non-business intention, which is to develop the communities of Armenia. In terms of this strategy it is considered that in the result of community development the potential customer base will increase as well.

To note that for effective implementation of this strategy and for establishing cooperatives in different regions of Armenia specific researches are to be conducted by MDF to reveal the spheres for further development in the each region.

Borrowing vs. Non-Borrowing Customers

The lowest layer of the pyramid consists of the customer base and services of MDF. In other words the strategy can come into life only due to the customers of MDF, who will utilize MDF’s financial and non-financial services on regular basis. It is known that there is a strong relationship between these two wings of MDF: the customers utilizing financial services of MDF are targeted customers for the Non-financial wing of MDF, and the existing customers benefiting from the non-financial services of MDF are targeted customers for financial wing of MDF.


By putting together these two wings of the MDF an effect of synergy will occur, which can play vital role in terms of competition, market positioning and win-win commitment of MDF’s activity.

That’s noteworthy to mention that the lowest layer of the pyramid is the basis for the whole strategy and by strengthening this layer MDF will be able to implement its strategy effectively and efficiently.

"Kamurj" UCO LLC is reorganized into "Kamurj" UCO CJSC

"Kamurj" UCO has been reorganized into a closed joint-stock company in accordance with the MDF Board of Trustees’ decision taken on January 30, 2012.

Garage wine-making in Armenia

Wine-making has a long history in Armenia, and Microenterprise Development Fund has determined to support small enterprises working in this field.

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